Lagos is keynoted as the hub of real estate business in Nigeria with success stories of investing in real estate. The majority of activities happening in the sector are in Lagos.

There are few places in Lagos where properties, especially land are in high demand, and having a real estate investment in Lagos today will definitely position you to solve the ever-growing housing needs of the ever-increasing population.

Have you heard about Paradise Foreshore Estate, Located at Addo Road, VGC lagoon front Lekki. Paradise Foreshore Estate sits at the heart of the exclusive vicinity amidst glorious water views all around it and in one of the most desirable areas of Lekki.

It is a fast-developing residential and commercial district in Lagos, Lekki is constantly met with the demand for affordable, yet luxurious estates with good amenities. The region, which is constantly attracting major investors and developers is poised for greater returns on investment and capital appreciation.

So if you’re wondering where you should invest in Lagos state, choose Paradise Foreshore Estate and thank us later. So don’t sleep on it since now is the perfect time to buy land.

Buy a site and service plot of land at the prestigious, lagoon-front Paradise Foreshore Estate facing the VGC lagoon front at Addo Road AJAH and get a 100% return on investment within 12 months.

Location Map

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What is it about real estate that makes everyone so eager to invest? It’s because it provides capital appreciation and profit and helps to build equity and wealth.

There are numerous options and advantages concerning real estate investment. You can simply purchase land, build and rent it out and get monthly rent checks while waiting for its value to rise high enough to generate a big profit.

You can take a bolder step by investing in an apartment building with dozens of units, gatting and gaining a steady stream of rent checks from your tenants each month.

Paradise Foreshore Estate gives you the opportunity to purchase land in the most exquisite location. Become one of the select few to enjoy unblocked views of the Lekki Skyline. Enjoy the excitement, energy, and life that the city has to offer with delightedly and exquisite views to take your breath away and give you a premium experience and views both inside and outside the estate. Paradise Foreshore Estate gives you more of the finer things in life.

It’s the best form of tangible investment. Paradise Foreshore Estate can help you own a property, Refurbish it, Construct it and Develop it. This will be an investment of a lifetime you don’t want to miss.

Whether you are a true luxury seeker looking for the most exquisite estate to build your home or an investor/ land banker looking to get the highest returns on investment, or a developer, whichever category you belong to,

We are the right partner for you!
Take the right step today!

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Experience Dubai in Lagos by Investing In Paradiseforeshoreestate

Experiencing Dubai in Lagos is simply choosing an experience that gives you comfort and peace and that is what Paradiseforeshoreestate offers, we want you to enjoy this wonderful experience even in Lagos by investing in our property.

Investing in Paradiseforeshoreestate is experiencing Dubai in Lagos. It doesn’t just stop there, it has a good road network, it’s far from noise/pollution, and it enjoys vast natural beauty spanning the lagoon and across the Atlantic. At PFE our layout is designed to bring tranquillity and relaxation. Come home to bliss, step into an estate worthy of your stylishness.

Our Service plot is one that will check all the boxes you want in a luxury lifestyle; Good and transferrable title (Certificate of Occupancy), expect impeccable designs, best-in-class construction technology, luxury, great amenities, and smart estate systems. It is no wonder the whole of Lagos is obsessed with this project that is set to redefine luxury living in Lekki.

We can’t stress this enough, so don’t sleep on this.

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Rent or buy properties? which fits your lifestyle. At some point in your life, you’re going to decide between renting or owning a house. Depending on your circumstances. There are several differences that make renting and owning property distinctly different. Renting a property doesn’t come with all the responsibilities associated with homeownership and you have more flexibility, as you aren’t necessarily tied down to your property. Owning a home gives you a sizeable investment, but it does come at a big cost—both upfront and over the long run.

Owning a home isn’t always better than renting, and renting is not always as simple as it seems. Paradise foreshore estate, the best home warranty company has researched some key factors to stay on alert.
Whether you choose to rent or buy your home depends on your financial situation, lifestyle, and personal goals.
Both provide you with a place to live and require regular income in order to make the payments.
Renting offers flexibility and predictable monthly expenses.
Homeownership brings intangible benefits, such as a sense of stability and pride of ownership, along with the tangible ones of tax deductions and equity.
Renting doesn’t mean you’re throwing away money every month and owning leads to significant wealth gains over time. Whichever one you’re investing in, we are going to take you through the stage-by-stage process.

Buy a site and service plot of land at the prestigious, lagoon front Paradise Foreshore Estate facing the VGC lagoon front at Addo Road AJAH and get 100% return on investment within 12 months.

Location Map:

Lekki Palm City, Victoria Garden City, Royal Garden Estate.

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luxury properties


Everyone wants to live in a beautiful, secure estate and own a piece of Luxury Properties. Today apartments located in beautiful and secured Estates in Lagos will cost more to rent. It is well known that buying land and building a well-planned and secured estate is expensive, but the benefits are far greater than the cost.

Good news! we introduce you to paradiseforeshore which makes you own a property in not just a well-planned and secured estate, but a luxury one in Lagos with a 12months payment plan. Amazing right?

Here, we will bring you fantastic landscape, classy architectural designs, waterfront views, and high-quality infrastructure (Luxury Properties), we could go on and on. This is your opportunity to own a property with us. As you know, waterfront homes have a high resale value, or build luxury apartments and enjoy the high rental income, the choice is yours!

Buy a site and service plot of land at the prestigious, lagoon front Paradise Foreshore Estate facing the VGC lagoon front at Addo Road AJAH and get 100% return on investment within 12 months. Are you looking to build offices, residential houses, shopping complexes, recreational centres, clubs and bars you name it, we’ve got it all.

Don’t miss out on this!!

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Powerful Red Flags To Avoid When Buying Lots/Land!

Owning a piece of land, especially in Paradise Foreshore Real Estate is a dream come true. You get an excellent place to build your dream home, the coveted business apartment, or any other activity you want, to put your land to good use.

However, despite the lovely benefit owing land brings to the table, there are red flags you have to know before buying land.

Below is the list of Red Flags you shouldn’t ignore!!

Poor/Lack of Legal Documents

You should always know that you are not yet the owner of a property until you have all the important legal documents. Note if the land doesn’t come with documents or the seller is not ready to share the documents with you, then that is a red flag.

You have to do proper research of the land and ensure it is genuine because documents can be falsified such as title deeds and land transfer documents. Ensure everything is legitimate and authentic to avoid lawsuits or losing your property later on after so much on it

Lack of Quality Physical Site Visit

Because of our busy schedules, people don’t have time to visit landed properties they are interested in purchasing and now technology has made things easier whereby you can check the coordinate of the land location. Only pay after you have confirmed that the land meets your expectations with genuine title deed and is owned by the person purporting to sell it or a Real Estate Company like Paradise Foreshore, that sells genuine land with a free survey and Architectural design.

Seller in a Hurry To Close Land Deal

Take your time and ensure you make wise decisions before signing off any deal presented to you. You don’t rush deals and when you notice the seller/ owner is rushing the deal on you, so you accept the offer presented to you which you know to be too good to be real. Don’t fall for it, Conduct proper and independent research on the property, location and verify the important documents also. Be careful, choose reliable Real Estate developers like Paradise Foreshore to buy the perfect space for your dream home.

We are reliable, and trustworthy, our foreshore properties are genuine for you to take advantage of our off-plan sales and invest now and get maximum capital appreciation and 100% returns on your investment in less than 12 months!

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Paradise Foreshore Real Estate, Exquisite Comfort Designed For You.

Paradise Foreshore Real Estate is designed specifically for you, apart from the serene view and value of our property you tend to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits.

Just living around water tends to better mental health. It’s easier to de-stress, reconnect with nature, and find balance in one’s life.

Living on the water tends to also promote a more physically active way of life than one might find living in the city. There are a lot of water-based activities one might engage in that are all excellent for physical exercise.

In general, people will always be interested in living near the water. The rewards and quality of life are simply too good to pass up. If you decide to sell the waterfront house you bought years later, you should be able to obtain a great deal. We are sure, that investing in real estate is one of your goals for 2022!!

Look no further! We present to you PARADISE FORESHORE ESTATE. A lagoon front luxurious smart city with a vast lake, and world-class infrastructural and recreational facilities.

It should interest you that with just a 20% down payment you would be making 25% returns on your investment immediately and 100% within a few months. Amazing right? Tell me what better way to invest your money!

Take advantage of our off-plan sales and invest now and get maximum capital appreciation and 100% returns on your investment in less than 12 months!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or queries in the meantime.
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5 Behaviours of a successful real estate Investor

Successful businessman leather bag icon. Cartoon of successful businessman leather bag vector icon for web design isolated on white background

Real estate investing can be profitable, but going it alone can be difficult and quite risky. Real estate investments can be suitable through partnerships, wholesale sales, and property management, to name a few strategies. In this very competitive industry, success also requires a little savviness.

Top real estate investors frequently have similar traits, regardless of whether they have a degree.

Here are the Five (5) habits that highly effective real estate investors share.

  1.  Make a Plan

Real estate investors must approach their activities with a business-professional mindset to set and accomplish short- and long-term goals. Making a business plan is innovative since it helps investors see the broad picture and focuses your attention on the essential objectives rather than any minor obstacles.

A good plan can help investors stay organised and on target because real estate investing can be challenging and complicated. The strategy would include projected costs and cash inflows from rentals, the number of units to buy, when to renovate or upgrade units, demographic changes, and anything else that might impact your investment over time.

2. Know the Market

Influential real estate investors understand the markets they choose, such as concentrating on a specific geographic area and focusing on residential instead of commercial buildings. Real estate investors can recognise present situations and make plans for the future by being informed of current trends, such as any changes in consumer purchasing patterns, mortgage rates, and the unemployment rate, to mention a few. As a result, they can anticipate when trends might alter, which may present chances for the prepared investor.

3. Build a Network

Both novice and seasoned real estate investors can benefit from the assistance and opportunities offered by a professional network. Investors can challenge and encourage one another in this kind of group, which may be made up of a carefully chosen mentor, business partners, clients, or members of a charity organisation. Savvy real estate investors know the value of networking because a large part of the real estate investing process is learning via experience.

4. Be Honest

Typically, real estate investors are not required to abide by any specific code of ethics. Even though it would be simple to profit from this circumstance, most prosperous real estate investors uphold strong ethical standards. A real estate investor’s reputation is likely to be well-known because it includes dealing with people. Influential real estate investors understand that being fair is preferable to getting away with as little as possible.

5. Understand the Risks

Investors in the stock market are regularly barraged with warnings about the inherent hazards of investing and the possibility of loss. However, commercials claiming the exact opposite—that it is simple to make money in real estate—are more likely to be seen by real estate investors. Prudent real estate investors recognise the dangers, including those related to the law and those associated with real estate transactions, and modify their operations to minimise those risks.

Additionally, since the company focuses on its clients and employees, investors stand to gain in the long run by conducting business ethically and respectfully. While making quick money may be pretty straightforward, building a long-term real estate investment firm takes talent, work, and these Five (5) crucial behaviours.

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Three (3) things you must know before investing in real estate.

90% of all millionaires worldwide make their fortune through real estate investments. However, many people hesitate to invest in real estate.

Although real estate investing is the safest and most secure long-term investment. To help prepare you for investing in real estate in 2022, here are three (3) important things to know.

Three (3) Things To Know Before Investing In Real Estate 2022

The value of a real estate can never be stolen or lost. A property bought with common-sense paid for fully and managed with reasonable care is the safest investment you can make.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

This quote emphasises the power of investing in real estate. However, you must be careful before investing your hard-earned money.

 So here are some top three (3) things to know before investing in real estate in 2022:

Have Proper Knowledge

Knowing can turn you into an excellent investment. True.

How much research you do will separate you from the pack in terms of investing wisely and frequently. The markets change constantly, new trends emerge, and old trends revert.

The key to a steady appreciation in real estate is to devote yourself to analysing and improving your acquisition strategy and investing in regions with vigorous economic growth.

Choose Your Location Or City Wisely 

Choosing the proper Location is crucial if purchasing property is only for investment purposes and not for residential use. The growth of a city’s population, the level of demand, and its income levels are two factors to consider when planning residential investments.

Give Time To Your Real Estate Investment

Although real estate is a sound and safe asset class, it is smaller in terms of liquidity than fixed deposits.

Online sellers have many options for listing and selling their properties, but the final transaction usually depends on a physical inspection of the property.

But the global pandemic has made this a problem as it was impossible to visit the site during a lockdown.

The pandemic has drastically changed our lifestyle and the country’s financial condition, but it also recovered quickly as there is huge demand.

People during lockdown realise the importance of owning a home or having a second home, so the demand is getting higher and higher.

As we all know, the demand for real estate will be never-ending as the population increases, but the earth is not. So investing in real estate is worth a shot as it will surely appreciate you have to give time.

Want To Invest In Real Estate With High Returns In 2022?

If you are looking for a property or a way to invest in real estate which guarantees a high return, then we have the right opportunity for you. 

Paradise Foreshore Estate has several estates and properties to her name, and The ongoing and hottest of them all is the Lagoon and Lake view estate. They are located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, Lekki, to be precise.

 This estate is worth it if you invest in real estate here. 

Experience comfort, Security, serenity and luxury all in one place.

They also provide amenities ranging from basic to top-notch in the estate, making a living more favourable and conducive.

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Why Location Is Important In Real Estate

Why Location Matters in Real Estate

Location is important in real estate because it directly affects the value of your home and property. Having a good location can make things pretty easy when it’s time to sell. More to that, it’s important to go for a good location when buying a home so that you love and appreciate where you live!

So, what makes a “good” location? When evaluating a home’s location, there are important factors to consider.

You should take into consideration these factors and how they relate to your home’s location, as they can have an impact on a home’s resale value and overall property value.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Home’s Location

Possibility of Future Appreciation

Real estate investors will let you know that location is everything when it comes to a property’s value and future appreciation potential, What is the big reason behind it,

The main reason is that real estate market value is majorly dependent on its location.

Suppose the property is in a desirable neighbourhood or area where people are locating toIn that case, you may anticipate the properties in that neighbourhood to hold up and even increase over time. As the demand for a particular location grows, so will the value of that location increase.

Schools in the Area

Is the property district located where good schools are?

Is it close to any reputable institutions/schools or within that vicinity?

When evaluating a home’s location and possible potential resale value, it is important to ask yourself these questions.

The Quality of schools is still an important factor to consider, This assumption is accurate if you live in a family-friendly where school-aged children are majorly populated. One strategy to note when considering location as you seek to invest in Real estate is to look out for a strong school district.

Amenities and Modes of Transportation

Every buyer desire and require convenient access to some basic amenities and transit alternatives, which is one of the reasons why location is so important in real estate. This means structures like restaurants, grocery shops, dry cleaners, basic items, and entertainment are all within walking distance.

When looking for a house, be certain you have access to these essential facilities. Unless you plan on investing in an entire fresh vicinity.

Rates of Crime

When assessing a home’s location, your safety should be what is on your mind. We all want to live in peace and safety, and our properties safe from evil perpetrators, no one wants to live in a community where there is a high level of crime and risk.

You cannot invest in an area that is high in crime, therefore carefully check these factors before choosing a location to invest in.

Paradise Foreshore estate is profitable to invest in, safe and secure strategically located around other fully developed estates and commercial areas at ADDO Road waterfront, sharing boundary with Lekki Palm City and directly facing Victoria Garden City (VGC) estate Lekki.

Take advantage of our off-plan sales and invest now and get maximum capital appreciation and 100% returns on your investment in less than 12 months!

This is your golden opportunity to own a piece of luxury in the Lekki lagoon district! Our prices for serviced plots start from 22M the actual price is 33M. We have very good and flexible payment terms for your ease.

For more enquiries kindly contact one of our Property Investment Experts (PIE) on PIE 1: 08156646666, PIE 2: 08156646000, PIE 3: 08156645650

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