A Specialized Team with Passion for Living in Nigeria

PEDC (Paradise Estates Development Company) is an established real estate company that is passionate about development of top notch and exquisite estates in Nigeria.

PEDC was birthed from PCL (Property Crew Limited) out of the passion to create something different from the norm. Our passion is to create premium and high-quality estates that makes a difference in how people live and to make quality living accessible to all by building a Nigeria we would all be proud to live in!

Development of estates to us goes beyond just gate house and fencing, we ensure that all our estate developments are of international standard with all the recreational and infrastructural facilities that makes living beautiful and enjoyable. To us at PEDC, the idea of a home is PARADISE fit for royalty. Walk with us as we build Nigeria community by community!

Our engagement is primarily estate development and construction. We also provide real estate advisory services; delivering high level solutions in areas of estate development conception, design and build, development appraisal and monitoring, infrastructural development, facilities management and property management. Our competitive edge includes our domain expertise, track record, excellent management, innovation and strong corporate values. In all our business offerings, the ultimate goal is to deliver superior value to our chosen markets.


Asset Positioning

PEDC has the experience and perspective to recognize when assets are no longer reaching their potential and need to be reevaluated for continued growth and opportunity.

Substantial construction modifications


Amenity space upgrades


Conversion and redevelopment.


Our Companies Vision and Mission statement

Our clients and investors are at the heart of all our decisions. We aim to understand their needs and consistently meet and ultimately exceed their expectations.

PEDC’s Vision

At Paradise Estates Development Company (PEDC), our vision is to be a global estate development company, distinctive for superior value delivery to our customers, investors and employees and to create premium and high-quality estates that makes a difference in how people live.

PEDC’s Mission

PEDC’s Mission is to utilize our hard work, authenticity, intelligence and experience to deliver the highest level of value and satisfaction to our residents, investors, customers and employees and to help our customers across all class experience superior satisfaction through our quality service delivery.

Our Philosophy

At PEDC quality is at the heart of everything we do! Quality takes precedence, from choosing the right location and style of our estates, to the construction processes we practice, the materials we use and the specifications we put into our estate projects for peace of mind and serenity.